Making a Writer's Website

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 was to create a new website since my old one was still in a “shitty draft” mode. I was ripped off twice by web designers (both men), but I’m not here to judge that (some) men are notorious procrastinators who should not be running anything (especially a country). There are exceptions, Barak Obama, John F. Kennedy, and…well, I think that’s it. Elizabeth Warren 2020! I digress. I apologize. Back to websites…so, this time around I decided I’d go with a woman designer and much NOT to my surprise, she was amazing. After a two hour Zoom lesson and an extra hour of zoom due to my email titled “help me I’m lost,” I began to create my own website with the help of the amazing Ms. Chris Daley and Squarespace. Let me know what you think!

Andrea Tate